The video titled “Waterfalling” was shot in the summer of 2014 in Annecy, France while on vacation. As I walked alongside the canal, I was stopped by a humorous sight -a half dozen balls bobbing playfully at the edge of the small waterfall. I stood and watched as they frolicked and popped in and out of the rush of water that was merely a filtering system doing it’s job. The bottles, corks and curious number of balls cycled in loops up and back as the pressure of the water forced them under, then jetting them upwards again and again. It was mesmerizing and meditative. The primary plastic colors contrast the pale foamy bluish-green color of the water surrounding them. I imagine the balls fell from their airborne selves out of the hands of a juggler to find swimming a calming and more secure gesture that would hold them there forever. The video is shown in loop form to support the repetitive action that they play and it doesn’t matter how long or where you begin watching.